Chiller For Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Chiller for plastic injection molding machine
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Chiller for plastic injection molding machine

Ningbo alfa machinery manufacture co., ltd usually use chiller to improve products quality ,The chiller has excellent performance of the air-cooled chiller can provide 3 ~ 30 ℃, special low-temperature type down to -45 ℃ ice water (temperature difference does not exceed ± 1 ℃). The industrial air-cooled chiller uses the company's latest technological achievements: a microcomputer control system, a fully enclosed compressor, and a noise control device. It is mainly used to cool the heating components of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates normally at a constant temperature. The cooling of the molding die of the plastic processing machinery can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic product, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic product, make the product not shrink or deform, facilitate the demoulding of the plastic product, accelerate the product shaping, and thus greatly improve the plastic molding Machine productivity for airfa machine

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