About the setting protection of the injection molding machine

- May 17, 2019-

About the setting protection of the injection molding machine

Regardless of the injection molding machine or the horizontal injection molding machine, the low pressure is a safe maintenance setting. The safety includes the human body and the mold. The parameters are set properly to prevent safety hazards! The specific setting should be determined by the distance from the mold: the general low pressure position is at 2 When the pressure is 4mm, the precision injection molding machine generally turns to high pressure within 1.5mm, and the low pressure is generally within 15bar. Remember; no matter the low pressure is small, the position is not good, there is foreign matter when the sample is crushed!

Manual clamping machine can not automatically convert to high pressure clamping and raise the low pressure position by one number. The pressure and flow rate of low pressure clamping are adjusted to 15 to 20 until the manual clamping can automatically switch to high pressure clamping. This will best maintain the mold (the above mentioned cylinder clamping machine)

Mainly the opening and closing direction of the mold is different, one is opening and closing in the horizontal direction, and the other is opening and closing in the vertical direction. This causes some differences in use, and the operation after opening the mold is slightly different.

Generally speaking, the pressure when the mold is slow is mainly to maintain the mold, and use the machine's own vertical inertia to lower the mold.

The injection molding machine has two working system structures, namely mechanical system and electrical system.

1. The mechanical system includes machine movement, clamping mechanism and shooting seat. Usually, the injection molding machine base will be welded by steel plate. This part is the skeleton of the injection molding machine and is the frame for fixing the oil pump, hydraulic parts and electrical components. The injection molding machine is composed of a mountain hydraulic motor, a material, a screw and a hopper. The hydraulic motor is a mechanical mechanism that provides the rotation of the screw, and the driving force of the type and the material is increased by the rotation of the screw. The place where the barrel and the screw are plasticized, it is made of high-hardness alloy material, and the matching clearance is very small. It is this extremely small gap that can realize the high-pressure injection of the injection molding machine. The hopper is a container for continuous production of plastic materials for storage.