Explain the five elements of injection molding machine injection molding

- May 20, 2019-

Explain the five elements of injection molding machine injection molding

1. Temperature: injection molding machine barrel temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, drying temperature, oil temperature, ambient temperature.

2. Pressure: injection molding machine injection pressure, holding pressure, back pressure, demoulding pressure, mold opening pressure, clamping pressure.

3. Time: injection time, hold time, cooling time, drying time, metering delay time.

4. Speed: injection speed, return speed, injection mold opening and closing speed, demoulding speed.

5. Quantity: Metering, modulus of release, modulus of opening.

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In injection molding of injection molding machines, these elements are related to each other and cannot be arbitrarily set independently. However, the shape of the molded article, the type of resin, and the structure of the mold are all considered, and injection molding is required. The best state is set.

In recent years, China's injection molding machine industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the injection molding machine products produced have been able to meet market demand. However, after consumers purchase the injection molding machine, they need to pay attention to the maintenance of the injection molding machine from the following aspects, which can effectively extend the life of the injection molding machine and reduce the cost waste.

1. Hydraulic oil quality

The oxidation stability of injection molding machines is one of the chemical properties of hydraulic oils. The most important factor determining the life of a hydraulic fluid is oxidation, that is, oxidation produces insolubles such as wood tar. These insoluble materials can cause pollution of the hydraulic system, and problems such as wear of hydraulic components, reduction of various gaps, clogging of small holes, and the like, and finally the hydraulic system is malfunctioning. The oxidation rate of hydraulic oil is affected by its own factors. Temperature is the main factor, so it is necessary to use suitable hydraulic oil and regularly check the oxidation degree of hydraulic oil. Therefore, active oil change is necessary.