Factors that promote the leap-forward development of China's injection molding machines

- May 16, 2019-

Factors that promote the leap-forward development of China's injection molding machines

The injection molding machine is a kind of granular polymer material which has been pre-molded and melted, and is injected into the cavity by a nozzle at a high speed, and then cooled and molded into a plastic product. The complex product can be formed at one time, and the production efficiency is high, the post-processing amount is small, and the product is produced. The surface has a good degree of smoothness and low scrap rate, and can meet the requirements for dimensional accuracy and quality accuracy of injection molded products. Therefore, the injection molding machine has become a plastic processing equipment with a large volume and the most representative of plastic machinery.

The factors that promote the development of China's injection molding machines include the following:

1 National policy support, on the one hand, local loans have been loosened, and at the same time, through a certain range of restrictions on the import of injection molding machines, encourage and support the gradual localization;

2 Adopting the results of the guidelines of introduction, digestion, absorption and localization, the domestic injection molding machine has been greatly improved in terms of type, quality and level, and has reached the international level in part, which can meet the needs of users at different levels;

3 As coastal areas continue to implement the open policy, collective enterprises and individual industrialists have purchased plastic production equipment in order to expand reproduction. For example, the electrical accessories and button industry in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, has a large market in the country, covering a wide range, and the output demand is expanding, requiring a large number of small injection molding machines;

4 With the development of automobiles, electrical appliances, furniture industry and children's toys, the demand for high-grade plastic products and products such as “plastic-made wood” and “plastic-made steel” is increasing, and the domestic famous brand injection molding has been added. Machine demand;

5 Some parts of the plastics industry are aging and need to be replaced;

6 Internationalization and globalization of manufacturing, international orders are growing year by year.

Policy support, loose loans, the development of the automotive and electrical industries, and the aging of equipment have all contributed to the rapid development of injection molding machines.