Fruit Basket Fixed-pump Injection Molding Machine

Fruit Basket Fixed-pump Injection Molding Machine

High quality and innovative products ,outstanding productivity ,efficient management ,perfect technical solutions and service.
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No. AFS-500

Original Brand Name: AIRFA

Made In: Ningbo,China

Shot Weight:1965-2487(g)

Space Between Tie Bars:830*800mm

Plastic mould making machine,  plastic molding machine,  plastic injection machine

High quality and innovative products ,outstanding productivity ,efficient management ,perfect technical solutions and service.

Our company is a professional manufacturer for various plastic injection moulding machine,injection perform moulding machine,injection molding machine to produce pp,hdpe,pet,pvc etc.plastic products. We have CE certificate and we can export our machines to all over the world. We have more than 8 years of exporting experience and we know each country well including voltage condition etc.Please trust us and we make sure to show you a satisfied machine to match your production. We hope to cooperate with those clients who are looking for good quality equipments.

PET Preform Mould / Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap

* Screw of big length to diameter ratio, uniform plastication and high plasticizing capability

* Multi Step adjustment of injection speed or pressure

* Back pressure control of molten plastic

* Double toggle mold closing system with a large force magnification ratio and a large stroke ratio

* Very good speed characteristic of high speed mold closing and low pressure mold protection

* Various kinds of hydraulic ejectors

* Double proportional, load sensitive hydraulic circuit

* For big sizes of machines there are several oil pumps in a group, use proportional valve to compensate the difference of pressure or flow between pumps

* Triple interlock of mechanic, electric and hydraulic devices

* Hydraulic knockout core device and rotary mold-parting the work piece device

* Using the computer, electric and hydraulic elements of famous brands in the world

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