For The Injection Molding Machine, The Maintenance Work Is Mainly Carried Out From The Following Aspects:

- Jun 07, 2019-

For the injection molding machine, the maintenance work is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

1. Maintenance of electrical systems

a. When inspecting the high voltage components inside the machine, the main power supply should not be turned on if it is not necessary.

b. When changing the mold, it is impossible to let the cooling water flow into the control box.

c. Check if the temperature inside the control box is too high, which will affect the normal operation of the electronic board.

d. When changing the relay, the specified voltage relay should be used.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system

a. The pressure of the injection molding machine should be kept between 30-50 degrees Celsius. If the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, the following problems will occur:

b. The viscosity of the pressure oil is reduced, resulting in damage to the oil pump, oil leakage and pressure drop, and working efficiency of the oil pressure relief.

c. Prevent the cooling water from leaking into the cylinder. Pay special attention to check if there is any leakage inside the oil cooler. The oil cooler should be removed and cleaned once every 6 months or so.

d. The injection molding machine must be replaced with pressure oil every 3000-4000 hours. When replacing the pressure oil, the old and new oils should not be mixed and smashed. At the same time, the oil screen in the cylinder should be twisted and cleaned.

e. Because the valve core is blocked by foreign objects, the valve core should be removed from the oil sump and cleaned with diesel or kerosene (or immersed in clean pressure oil), and then compressed air to remove foreign objects. Unless it is determined that the oil sputum is blocked by foreign objects and the injection molding machine fails, the oil shovel cannot be removed.

3. Maintenance of the mold clamping part

a. The working hinge of the clamping part has a long working life, but each movable part should be properly lubricated or the hinge will wear and reduce the life.

b. Keep the four Corinthians clean.

c. Keep the sliding and foot rails of the moving template clean and lubricated.

d. Avoid using near or over working pressure clamping.

e. Unused clamping speed is not available when adjusting the mold.

f. Control the position of the clamping action in the most appropriate position to reduce the impact on the machine during clamping.

4. Maintenance of the gelling part

a. Keep the gun guides lubricated and clean.

b. Keep the surface of the table clean and dry.