Injection Molding Machine Develops Towards Automation

- Jun 01, 2019-

Injection molding machine develops towards automation

Over the years, China's injection molding machine industry has been greatly developed, injection molding machine products can fully meet the domestic basic market demand, and the export share is also growing every year. Because of the rapid development of injection molding machine technology and technology, the requirements of enterprise users for the degree of automation and intelligence have become more and more urgent. Industry experts expect injection robots to gain popularity soon. The robotic arm will make an important contribution to the automation of the injection molding machine industry. However, from a scientific perspective, China's injection molding machine technology content is not high, there is still a certain gap with foreign injection molding machine products, the industry needs to be upgraded.

The robot is the earliest industrial robot, and it is also the first modern robot. It can replace the heavy labor of people to realize the mechanization and automation of production, and can operate in harmful environment to protect personal safety. The robot can reduce labor, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, safety, and enhance the image of the factory. ]

The advantages of the robot are many. Taking the removal process of the injection molded part of the injection molding machine as an example, the robot arm can imitate some of the action functions of the human arm, and is used to grasp, transport, or operate the automatic operation device of the tool according to a fixed procedure. The use of robotic arms reduces worker workload, labor productivity and workshop automation. The successful development and putting into use of the injection molding robot has promoted the localization of the automation equipment of the injection molding production line, enhanced the competitiveness of domestic enterprise products in the international market, and became the new economic growth point of the auxiliary machine industry of injection molding machines, through the continuous development of injection molding robots. It can drive the development of automated factory auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belts, thus forming a larger industrial chain and promoting the development of the entire injection molding industry.

Injection molding machine is one of the largest varieties of plastic machinery in China with the largest amount of production and application. It is also the main exporter of plastic machinery in China. However, for a long time, there has been a serious import and export profit deficit in China's plastic injection machinery industry. The reason is mainly determined by the technological content of the injection molding machine itself. With the continuous acceleration of the domestic automation process, it is believed that China's injection molding machine industry will soon be upgraded and upgraded from the technological level, and the automation of the injection molding machine is also very fast.