Injection Molding Machine Factory Explains The Operation Process Of Injection Molding Machine

- Jun 19, 2019-

Injection molding machine factory explains the operation process of injection molding machine

First of all, before you operate the injection molding machine, you need to be fully prepared. Our staff should look at the electrical control box and the status of each component is normal. At the same time, we should also check the hydraulic oil's own oil level. If the stored oil is not sufficient, the machine's work will be affected. If the oil is not normal, it should be adjusted in time. In the preparation work, the last step is to connect the cooling water valve and the cooling water.

Secondly, when the staff is working on the injection molding machine, it is important to remember to push the mechanism to the highest place and put the fixed template down. The fixed template and the upper mold screw need to be tightened to maintain their stability. The mode-shifting structure is running, and it is necessary to observe its position during this process. After everyone has done the process of molding, it is necessary to heat the barrel. The electric switch of the control box should be connected, and then some plastic is added to the barrel to allow the plastic to be fully heated and melted. .

Care should be taken during injection molding to ensure that the mold and mold transfer between the injection molding machine are closed. After the completion of the injection molding operation, it is also necessary to withdraw the injection plunger, and then the 8 solenoid valve is turned on to lower the mechanism, and the mold is opened in the demold mode. The correct workflow is important in the operation, but at the same time it should be noted that proper maintenance and repair should be done.

On the importance of daily maintenance of injection molding machine

First, weekly routine inspection and maintenance content

1. Thread fastening of molds and moving parts. At least one important threaded joint should be retightened at least once a week. For general threaded connections, you should always feel loose at any time.

2. The fastening of the limit switch bolt. To ensure the reliability of the injection molding machine, the bolts or screws of the limit switch should be tightened at least once a week. Usually the limit switch will be subject to frequent collisions during operation, which may cause the bolt to loose or fall.