Manufacturing Injection Molding Machine Energy Saving Is King

- Jun 17, 2019-

Manufacturing injection molding machine energy saving is king

In China's machinery industry, the biggest energy consumption is the manufacture of injection molding machines, which can be said to account for one-third of the total consumption of machinery, which brings a big challenge to a city's environmental protection and energy. Conducive to the development of the entire industry in the future, only energy saving is the king of the future development of the injection molding machine industry.

Energy conservation does not mean an improvement in sacrificing mechanical quality and performance, but an improved method of ensuring product quality and performance of injection molding machines. This is a useful energy-saving, energy-efficient and developmental energy-saving method. After several years of hard work, Dequn Machinery has finally developed a new energy-saving system, which has greatly reduced the energy consumption. It has been welcomed by the majority of plastic companies, and they have come to inquire and order.

Dongguan Dongguan Municipality, is the introduction of the energy-saving subsidy of injection molding machine, it is conceivable that the energy consumption of injection molding machine has affected the environment of a city, which is also the first special subsidy for manufacturing injection molding machine in China. The city of the enterprise also shows that the city pays great attention to environmental protection and does not hesitate to deal with environmental pollution.

In the future, the injection molding machine industry will inevitably be inseparable from environmental pollution. Only by reducing energy consumption and protecting environmental development is the kingdom of future development of injection molding machines.

With the improvement of our country's life, people's quality requirements for various products and daily necessities are improving. Especially for the plastic industry products, the quality of the products produced by the backward production equipment cannot meet the needs of people. For the quality and precision of the products has reached an unprecedented height, some large injection molding machine manufacturers have begun to vigorously research and develop more sophisticated injection molding machines to produce plastic products, which is inevitably a trend of future development.

Old-fashioned injection molding machines simply cannot produce sophisticated plastic products, so they must have more advanced production equipment to gain a foothold in the market. The two most important models among plastics manufacturers are injection molding machines and horizontal injection molding machines. The machinery in the precision is more convenient for people to operate. Of course, the workers are also lacking in the production process. The products produced by the good injection molding machine technicians are different.

In the new generation of injection molding machine models, in addition to the greatly improved precision, there is a better operating system is the servo energy-saving system, his biggest advantage is to save energy by a large amount without increasing the cost. So the latest injection molding machine was sold out as soon as it was launched.