Precautions Before Starting The Injection Molding Machine

- Jun 11, 2019-

Precautions before starting the injection molding machine

1. Items that should be inspected when the injection molding machine is turned on:

1. Check the actuating oil: Determine whether the amount of oil in the injection molding machine is between the lowest and upper limits of the fuel gauge. Whether the amount of oil in the automatic oiler lubricated by the curved hand is appropriate.

2. Inspection of cooling water: Make sure that there is no water leakage in the cooling water piping system of the injection molding machine, and whether the water volume is sufficient to maintain normal cooling effect.

3. Temperature on and check: Determine whether the electric heating on the dryer, material pipe and mold is normal. In particular, the temperature of the injection molding machine tube must reach the set temperature completely before the action of injection, loosening and twisting.

4. Inspection of safety door and safety guide: Determine whether the opening and closing of the safety door of the injection molding machine is normal, and whether the contact between the safety door and each limit switch and pressure relief valve is normal. Confirm that the safety guide is properly positioned and locked.

Whether the red emergency stop button on the front and rear operation boxes works normally to ensure the safety of the user.

5. Check the lubrication device: Whether the grease is rich in the grease, whether the time setting of the oiler is appropriate, and whether the pipeline of the oil filling device is unblocked.

6. Inspection of moving parts: Every moving parts on the injection molding machine should be properly lubricated, and the impurities, dust, etc. of the moving parts should be wiped off, keep the moving friction surface smooth and clean, and the tools should not be placed in the activity. Part to prevent damage during machine operation.

7. Inspection of the low-pressure mold closing device of the injection molding machine: Correctly adjust the low-pressure mold closing device to ensure the safety of the mold.

8. Check other conditions: Whether the temperature, pressure, speed, time, distance, etc. of various settings are appropriate.

9. Inspection of empty car operation: Fully automatic operation can be carried out at a lower pressure, so that the empty car runs for about 10~30 minutes. After a continuous stable condition, it can be officially operated.

10. Check for abnormal sound: Record the sound of normal operation and the sound of hydraulic pumping, then it can detect abnormal phenomena such as filter blockage, suction, internal wear, etc. The click of the solenoid valve is related to the impurities of its internal axis. The click of the relay and the electromagnetic contactor indicates that dirt and dust are present between the contact points. Checking the cause of the abnormal sounds will be a big help for the prevention of damage.

Second, the items that should be inspected when the injection molding machine is stopped:

1. Close the hopper gate and lower or turn off the hopper heating (depending on the length of the downtime). The plastic in the tube is completely shot, especially the more acidic and corrosive materials must be executed.

2. Clean and wipe the mold of the injection molding machine and rust-proof (depending on the length of downtime).

3. When the machine is stopped, do not straighten the crank if the mold has not been removed.

4. Turn off the cooling water and cut off the power.

5. Cleaning and inspection of the injection molding machine.