The Competition In The Injection Molding Machine Industry Is Gradually Becoming A Brand Competition

- Jun 15, 2019-

The competition in the injection molding machine industry is gradually becoming a brand competition

In recent years, China's injection molding machines have undergone major changes in their architecture, whether they are developed, integrated and innovated in practice in terms of technology, ideas and business models. Relevant companies have also made corresponding thinking. The technology emphasizes digitalization, networking, and intelligence. Enterprise users pay attention to the practicability and reliability of the system, and hope to achieve multi-system integration and information sharing. These have all become catalysts for promoting the rapid and stable development of the domestic injection molding machine industry.

Driven by the continuous innovation of technology and the increasing demand for applications, injection molding products have evolved from the initial simulation era, single equipment, small-scale system applications to the current digital and urban-scale large-scale application systems, regardless of application scope, system scale or Fundamental changes have taken place in terms of complexity and so on, and the industry has achieved unprecedented development in just a few years.

The development of industry is conducive to providing more and more functional services in the injection molding machine segment market, which is conducive to monitoring manufacturers to integrate product resources and customer resources to get rid of homogenization competition and achieve rapid leap development. In the future, the competition in the injection molding machine industry is not only product competition, but also the competition of the overall industry solutions. Which company can better meet customer needs and better solve customer needs, will eventually occupy the industry market. 2012 is a key period for further integration, differentiation and integration of the injection molding machine industry. Industryization will be an opportunity and challenge for the development of the industry. Let us wait and see. The final competition of enterprises depends on the company's own brand to compete for customers. For customers, brand is a promised guarantee. Today, homogenization competition is the key to competing for customers.

Analyze the characteristics and advantages of injection molding machine

Injection molding machine (HTFW1/G series thermosetting plastic injection molding machine) is suitable for processing all kinds of thermosetting plastics, such as phenolic plastic, unsaturated polyester, DAP plastic, amino plastic, epoxy plastic, polyimide plastic, etc. Compared with thermoplastic injection molding machines, the main features are:

Analysis of Characteristics and Advantages of Bakelite Injection Molding Machine

1. The barrel is heated by hot kerosene internal circulation mode without heating by electric heating coil;

2. The special double-stage mold temperature machine controls the barrel temperature, the control precision is high, and the error is controlled within 1%;

3. The thermosetting plastic can be uniformly heated in the barrel to eliminate the influence of excessive frictional heat on the plastic;