What Are The Fault Points Of The Injection Molding Machine?

- Jun 09, 2019-

What are the fault points of the injection molding machine?

It is studied that the injection molding performance or state gradually decreases with the passage of time. There are some signs before a fault occurs. This is called a latent fault. The identifiable physical parameters indicate that a functional fault is about to occur. The functional fault indicates that the injection molding machine has lost the specified performance standards.

The change rate of injection molding machine failure rate with time is often called the bathtub curve. The failure rate of the injection molding machine changes with time in roughly three phases: early failure period, accidental failure period and wear failure period.

Early failure period

The injection molding machine is in an early failure period, and the failure rate is high, but the failure rate decreases rapidly with time. The early failure period is also called the running-in period for mechanical products. This period of time is different, depending on the design and manufacturing quality of the product and system. The failures that occurred during this period were mainly caused by defects in design and manufacturing, or caused by improper use of the environment.

2. Incidental failure period

When the injection molding machine enters an accidental failure period, the failure rate is roughly in a stable state and tends to be fixed. During this time, the failure occurred randomly. During the accidental failure period, the injection machine has the lowest failure rate and is stable. Therefore, it can be said that this is the best state of the injection molding machine or the normal working period. This section is called the effective lifetime.

The failure of the accidental failure period is caused by improper design, improper use and poor maintenance. Therefore, by improving the design quality, improving the use of governance, strengthening monitoring and diagnosis and maintenance, the failure rate can be reduced to a minimum.