PVC Tube Making High Speed Plastic Injection Machine

Less Noise Emissions, Low Heat And Cooling Energy Demand Is Low, More Suitable For Production Environment With Air Conditioning.
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Product Details

No. AFS-330

Original Brand Name: AIRFA

Made In: Ningbo,China

Shot Weight: 1007-1341(g)

Space Between Tie Bars: 680*680mm

introduce about ZORA

Airfa machine 

1. Power saving and energy saving, efficient use of electricity

2. The injection molding machine runs smoothly with high precision

3. The production speed is fast, the cycle of bad circulation is short, and the response speed is fast

4. Ultra high cost performance, wide application range

Airfa machine Committed to different technology and tool design methods, providing utilization rates, ultra-high cost-effective machines, and constantly improving customer satisfaction-oriented

E-mail: nbairfa@aliyun.com 


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