Nylon Coble Tie Injection Malding Machine

Nylon Coble Tie Injection Malding Machine

The optuimized kinematics of the proved 5-point toggle represent economical speed and power processes.
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With the aim of pursuing zero-defect quality, we strive to provide customers with cost-effective and high grade Fruit Basket Fixed-pump Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Injection Machine, Mini Plastic Injection Moulding Machine. Due to the pursuit of quality, our company has established a number of high standard production bases to comprehensively improve the on-site management level and provide strong guarantee for product quality. We hope to cooperate with a lot more friends for mutual added benefits. We insist on providing the best competitive products to win a bigger market, we look forward to working with global customers to create the future together.

No. AFS-600

Original Brand Name: AIRFA

Made In: Ningbo,China

Shot Weight:2349-2935(g)

Space Between Tie Bars:875*845mm

PET Injection Unit

Optimized special L/D 25:1 screw, requiring a longer machine base, is driven by a high output motor for dramatically improving the plasticizing of the PET material to ensure the quality of the PET pre-form. Increased ejector force consistently ensures the finished parts are automatically ejected.

* Clamping System

The optuimized kinematics of the proved 5-point toggle represent economical speed and power processes. This allows high sensitivity in the opening and closing processes and protects injection moulds from excessive wear and tear. The fast mold closing device is optimized to shorten the cycle time.

* Automatic Mould Height Adjustment Unit

Automatic Mould-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through the gears system ensures fast and constant settings to different mold height, achieve platen parallelism and consistent tonnage. The photocell detects function to insure the high precision.

* Hydraulic System

The energy-saving hydraulics are fitted with sound reduced and are made of high-quality components. They allow much greater forces to be transferred and enable very uniform and precision movements of the machine.

PLC Controller

The AIRFA series use the latest control technology. This high-performance control system provides the ideal communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The uniform operating concept and logical, clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.

We are a group of passionate engineers, designers and industry experts, and our mission is to help customers quickly find the Nylon Coble Tie Injection Malding Machine they need at a competitive price. Corporate communication is to provide new ideas for enterprise, and is a fundamental and excellent way to improve staff competence, knowledge and spirit of innovation, which can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the industry. We own strong market resources and has established close cooperation with domestic universities and research institutions.


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